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April 14, 2010

An interesting item on Preventing cyber-bullying on yesterday’s Life Matters program. Among the points made are the two ‘peak’ ages for face-to-face bullying: around 10, when social hierarchies are being established (the developmental peak); and around 12, when the hierarchy needs to be re-established on the transition to high school (the transitional peak). By contrast, online bullying tends to increase with age, probably due to access to technology. Although schools are required to have policies on bullying, there’s a big difference between having a policy and implementing it. One of the difficulties for schools is that most cyber-bullying takes place outside school hours, although it has a significant impact on school work. There are links to the Child Health Promotion Research Centre and the Bullying No Way websites.

New Technologies and Privacy

March 26, 2010

There’s a very interesting discussion of this topic on Radio National’s Life Matters today (Talkback: young people and privacy). Among the subjects discussed are Digital Reputation, Normalisation, Social Currency, and Covert Bullying.