Philosophy Club

Have you ever wondered what life is all about? Why are we here? How should we live? And what will happen when we die? Can we even know the answers to such questions? What can we know? Does science have all the answers? What about religion? People have always pondered such questions. When we think about such things, we are doing philosophy (or philosophising) and we are following in the footsteps of great philosophers. Philosophy is a rational activity – when we philosophise, we use our reason to investigate things. We consider arguments for and against the claims that people make. This is an extension of what we do in our everyday lives, but in philosophy we take it to a new level. One of the most significant things that philosophy does is to expose poor reasoning, or fallacies.

Children are natural philosophers, because they wonder so easily about everything. As well as being an outlet for this tendency, philosophy is an excellent training for the mind. The mental habits acquired through sustained philosophical activity can empower children in so many ways – in verbal and written communication, in school and in personal relationships, in making judgments. The Philosophy for Children (P4C) movement has existed for several decades, and the benefits of children doing philosophy have been recognised. See the following articles, for example: The Examined Life, Age 8 or Get ‘em while they’re young.

The Philosophy Club will provide an enjoyable introduction to the themes and practices of philosophy. Movies and stories will provide a stimulus for discussion, and thinking skills will be acquired in the process. It will be a place for open-minded and challenging investigation of topics that are often neglected in the standard school curriculum. Where appropriate, participants will be invited by email to join the Perth Philosophers wiki, where discussions can be initiated and continued between sessions, and where there will be an opportunity for interaction with other primary-aged students who are doing philosophy.

Time: The Philosophy Club has finished meeting for 2011, but sessions usually occur once a week during school terms, from 4-5pm.

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